Support Coordination

We work with you and your support network to assist you in exploring your options, provide guidance and assistance, and will help with resolving any issues as part of your NDIS Plan.  We will encourage self-direction, choices and control because we want you to live your best life possible.

We provide individualised services and put you first. It is important that we tailor services so that you can achieve your goals.

We have qualified, highly skilled, professional, trained and experienced staff that are made up of allied health and rehabilitation counsellors. We have experience with assisting clients with long term complex issues. We are passionate and committed to helping people meet their goals and we will provide guidance to address any barriers you may have.

MOVE consultants are skilled to:

  • Listen to your wants and needs
  • Assist you to understand any aspects of your NDIS Plan
  • Assist you with service appointments and budgeting for those services
  • Research and connect you to quality mainstream or community-based services
  • Coordinate supports to resolve any points of crisis
  • Capacity building and training in plan administration and management
  • Specialist support coordination to assist with any complex needs that may arise.