MOVE Injury & Disability Support (MOVE) is a national boutique provider of rehabilitation and allied health services.

Established by Director – Mary Saloniklis in 2002, MOVE has developed a range of niche services and specialisations working with clients through the NDIS, a range of workers compensation jurisdictions, life insurance, compulsory third party and Comcare.

Our MOVE team have been selected not only for their experience and qualifications but also their drive to provide personalised care, with a client-centred approach and a commitment to delivering quality services.

Our consultants are highly experienced, some with many decades of experience in providing injury and disability support services. Our services are holistic, and our MOVE team are ethical, reliable and motivated to help our clients and customers through challenges with injury and disability.

Why us?


You can expect to be supported with care and guidance provided by experienced and professional consultants.


You can expect to work with quality consultants who are qualified, supervised and are technically equipped and trained.


Rehabilitation Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists, Organisational Psychologists and Social Workers

Our Experience

MOVE is experienced in providing services for people who find themselves in changed circumstances arising from injury or disability. We excel in working closely with people to help them reach their goals. We are highly skilled in counselling to support people emotionally and are experts in assessing workplaces and homes to ensure people are safe. We are also trained in supporting people maintain their employment or explore new careers.

Our Innovation

MOVE loves to innovate to meet gaps in services for our clients and customers. MOVE has over the years developed a range of innovations involving services such as resilience training, programs for physical and mental health and specialised services to address unique needs such as supporting people with long term worklessness.

Our Job Database

Not sure what a job entails, and you need to know? You can access the MOVE database of many hundreds of real workplace assessments that detail the physical and psychological demands of the role, task by task. We regularly draw on this database to assist with career planning and identifying realistic job goals.

Our Expertise of Understanding Labour Markets

We make it our business to know about local labour market conditions so that clients are assisted to MOVE into job roles that are supported by their local economy. This service involves keeping current data regarding job growth in Australia as well as talking to real employers about their ideal candidates, providing real-time data that supports our recommendations.

Our Commitment

With nearly two decades in business, we are highly accomplished in providing quality injury and disability services. We are committed to providing genuine care for people when they are experiencing hardship, whether that be physical or psychological. We are committed to our own professional development to remain informed of best practice and across issues impacting our clients and customers.

Our commitment to our clients and customers is:

100% service guarantee

If you are not happy with our service, you can change consultant or provider

Right to know

We are transparent in our undertakings


Our services are always undertaken by qualified and experienced consultants who are aware of customer requirements.


We work together as a team to provide a holistic and client-centred approach

Our Services

Workers Compensation

Introducing our near 20 years experience in provision of service for workers compensation authorities, MOVE has been providing services since 2002.

Life insurance

Specialising in complex claims, career planning and job seeking services for clients separated from their pre-illness employer who are facing physical and psychological challenges.

Compulsory Third Party

MOVE have a team of qualified professionals with extensive experience delivering a range of Compulsory Third Party services.


Our consultants are experienced across NDIS services and can provide counselling, career planning, assessment services and support you to access services.


MOVE has a professional team who are highly experienced in supporting veterans navigate civilian life.

Health & Wellbeing

MOVE can assist with a wide range of Health and Wellbeing programs including Dietetics, Exercise Physiology, Occupational Therapy and emotional resilience.

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